Liverpool without Salah is still “flying high”

Liverpool is showing that they can still play well even without the services of main striker Mohamed Salah. “The Kop” is one of the teams with the highest performance in Europe at the moment, and is capable of challenging for the Premier League crown with both Man City and Arsenal in the near future.

Liverpool without Salah is still “flying high”, confidently racing to win the Premier League

The news that Mohamed Salah suffered an injury when returning to play for the Egyptian national team at the 2024 CAN Cup is causing a huge stir in both media and international public opinion. As for Liverpool fans , they clearly have reason to show concern.

According to confirmation from Salah’s representative, the injury the 31-year-old star suffered in the match against Ghana at the CAN Cup last weekend was much more severe than initially expected. He will have to sit out for at least the next 21 to 28 days.

Salah’s injury is obviously unfortunate. However, for Liverpool, they do not necessarily need to use a player wearing the number 11 shirt at any cost. Coach Jurgen Klopp has other solutions that are of good quality and still get the best results for the team.

Salah is absent, Liverpool’s attack is still flourishing

No one can deny Salah’s influence in Liverpool’s playing style right now. The player born in 1992 is experiencing one of the most explosive seasons at Anfield since arriving at the club in 2017. This season, he has contributed 27 goals to the “Merseyside team”. ” calculated across all arenas.

That is a very impressive number, and further confirms the number 1 position of the “King of Egypt” in Liverpool. However, with a team led by Jurgen Klopp, no one is irreplaceable no matter how excellent that player is. And in fact, all this time, “The Kop” is still playing very stably even without the services of Salah in the squad.

The last match Salah played for Liverpool was against Newcastle on January 2. That was the match in which the African player scored a double goal, contributing to the epic 4-2 victory over Liverpool. Anfield home stadium in the first days of the new year.

After that, Salah returned to the Egyptian national team to prepare for the 2024 CAN Cup and did not appear for Liverpool in the last 4 matches. However, it seems that it is not having too much of an impact on the results of coach Jurgen Klopp and his team. They won 3 out of the past 4 matches, scored 9 goals and conceded only 2 times.

In addition, the most worth mentioning thing in these 4 matches without Salah is that Liverpool’s attack still plays extremely effectively. Looking at the above statistical table, we can see that very clearly. All four strikers of the team scored goals, and most importantly, showed cohesion and understanding in the way of play and rhythm in coordination and passing situations.

Diogo Jota is the most prominent name in the series of matches without Salah, having contributed to 5 goals of the whole team, especially the double against Bournemouth in the Premier League last weekend. Nunez also rediscovered the feeling of scoring goals after previous ungainly matches with the opponent’s net. Similar is the case with Diaz and Gakpo when both have great contributions to the team’s overall playing style.

Therefore, Liverpool is said to be ready for life without Mohamed Salah for the next month or so. But if the remaining strikers like Jota or Nunez maintain their current high form, the problem of not having Salah will become somewhat less worrying.

The upcoming match schedule will also support Liverpool. In addition to two big battles with Chelsea and Arsenal, they will only have to meet lower opponents. That will be a favorable thing for the red shirt team to continue to maintain their current sublime achievements, in order to compete for the Premier League championship with Man City or Arsenal in the fairest way.

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